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Сочинения на английском языке #2

Сочинение по английскому язык (ЕГЭ) на тему «Some people think that learning foreign languages is a waste of time and money.»


In today`s world with the increasing globalization more and more people are learning foreign languages.
On this case some people assume that the knowing any foreign language plays a considerable role now. Whereas others believe that it is not worth studying it.

In my opinion, a person should know some foreign languages. Firstly, nowadays when global ties among countries are developing, one should study a foreign language to obtain a well-paid, prestigious job. Secondly, the knowing foreign languages is necessary while travelling. And a person will not feel uncomfortable because of lack of the language barrier.

On the other hand, there are those who consider that a person does not have to learn any foreign language.
In their view, if you learn it, you waste of money. Moreover, studying a foreign language takes too much time.

Nevertheless, I totally disagree with this a viewpoint, because there are many sites in the Internet where you can acquire  the knowledge of a language. Also a person can study a language while getting to work.

In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that a person needs know foreign languages. It is a significant advantage for everyone.

Сочинение на английском языке #1

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